Butterfly House (June 2022)
Graphic Novella, Full Colour, 56 pages, Hardcover
Story and Art: Troy Little and Brenda Hickey Colour Flats: Alice Ito
Pegamoose Press

From the minds of comic creator duo Troy Little and Brenda Hickey comes their first collaboration comics
project: Butterfly House.

Hidden in the forest on the outskirts of a quiet town there is a mysterious old house with a secret history.
A nexus point where two timelines converge, an unsuspecting girl falls victim to its trap. Neither here nor
there, she tries to piece together the puzzle of the father and son who once lived there while holding on to
the memory of who she herself once was.

*This book is split into two timelines and made to be read from the side of the reader’s choosing. When you
reach the middle where the two timelines meet, simply close the book, flip it over, and begin reading the
second half.

Aggretsuko: Out of Office 
Issues #1-#4 (November 2021-April 2022)
Story, Art & Colours: Brenda Hickey Colour Flats: Alice Ito Lettering: Crank!
Oni Press

It's the Golden Week holiday, and Retsuko finds herself once again hurting for cash. While her coworkers chatter about
their upcoming vacation plans, Retsuko sadly resigns herself to a week of cheap snacks and old movies. That is, until
her old pal Puko enters the scene and hooks her up with a temporary job at her aunt and uncle's hot springs resort!
What sounds like a win-win scenario at first quickly turns out... not to be.

The collected volume includes "Rage Quit", originally featured in the Aggretsuko: Super Fun Special and back up yokai
essays written by Zack Davisson.

The 120 page graphic novel collection is available Oct 18 2022 wherever books are sold!
Aggretsuko: Super Fun Special (October 2021)
5 page back up comic

When Kabae gives Retsuko a book from a Regency-era romance series, our hero becomes obsessed. After reading the
entire series over a sleepless weekend, Retsuko finds that her mother also loves the series, and the two spend an entire
lunch talking about it. They are thrilled to realize that a pop-up shop themed around the book has opened nearby and
is hosting a competition for a pre-release DVD of the TV show pilot! Also featuring two all-new stories from Brenda
Hickey, Josh Tierney, and Shadia Amin.
Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine (June 2021)
Graphic Novel, Full Colour, 80 pages, Hardcover

Aggrestuko in her first original graphic novel! 
The office queen of karaoke meets her match when Retsuko's favorite band reunites for a special concert. The Brides
of Resonance return, but why do they want to take over the karaoke bar? Retsuko and friends have to fight for their
right to party in a METAL vs METAL vocal battle that pits Retsuko against a shadowy enemy. Will Gori survive a night of
metal and moshing? Is Haida truly in love? Find out in Aggretsuko: Little Rei of Sunshine!

Available To Order Wherever Books are Sold!
Halls of the Turnip King 
(Issue #1 2015, Issue #2 2016, Issue #3 2017, Issue #4 2018. Collected volume published January 2020)

Graphic Novel, Full colour, 153 pages, Hardcover
Pegamoose Press

Prince Tatian of Elvania would rather be at home playing video games than heading off on a diplomatic
mission to the Dwarves Mines. Every minute spent on the road and in meeting rooms feels like agony.
Impatient and in way over his head, he fumbles his way along in the hopes of getting out as quickly as
possible. But of course nothing ever works smoothly, especially when the prince and his entourage aren't
much smarter than a basket of turnips.


Or at one of these fine establishments:
Strange Adventures (Halifax, NS - Dartmouth, NS - Fredericton, NB) 
Comic Hunter (Charlottetown, PE - Moncton, NB - Fredericton, NB)
Lightning Bolt Comics (Charlottetown, PE)
Bookmark (Charlottetown, PE)

Aggretsuko #3 (2020)
Story & Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Sarah Stern
Oni Press

The office is turned upside down when a loud, abrasive Canadian goose named Karen from the International Division
spends a week in Japan. Retsuko is purely curious about her until boss Ton decides to put her in charge of dealing with
the difficult visitor!

This issue can be found in the collected graphic novel "Aggretsuko: Metal to the Max"
Available to order wherever books are sold!
My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest
Issues #1 - #3 (May 2019-July 2019)
Story: Ted Anderson Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel
IDW Publishing

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are back! When Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie
Belle take a trip into the woods, they find a forest filled with trash! Just what
could be causing this mess?! Looks like it's another mystery for our favourite 
fillies to solve - and one where not everything is as it seems...

The collected, 72 page graphic novel is available to order wherever books are sold!
Ward's Valley (April 2018)
Story: Bobby Curnow Art: Brenda Hickey
Top Shelf

Ward is a grumpy gnome who only wants to be left alone. He never asked
for company… but when his beautiful forest starts filling up with animals,
it’s more than just grumpiness that makes him nervous. Mysterious muck-trolls
and terrifying humans are invading, and he’ll need all the help he can get to
defend Ward’s Valley.

Available to order wherever books are sold!
My Little Pony: Legends of Magic
Story: Jeremy Whitley Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel
IDW Publishing

Issue#1 (April 2017)
Issue#2 (May 2017)
Issue#3 (June 2017)
Issue#4 (July 2017)
Issue#5 (September 2017)
Issue#6 (October 2017)

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Annual 2018
IDW Publishing (April 2018)
Story: Jeremy Whitley Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Legends of Magic: Volume 1 contains the first 6 issues of the mini series!
Legends of Magic: Omnibus collects all 12 issues including the 2018 annual!

My Little Pony Friends Forever
IDW Publishing

Issue#12 (December 2014)
Story: Barbara Randall Kesel Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue#15 (March 2015)
Story: Bobby Curnow Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue#17 (June 2015)
Story: Ted Anderson Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue#19 (August 2015)
Story: Christina Rice Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: 
Heather Breckel

Issue #20
(September 2015)
Story: Jeremy Whitley Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue #25 (February 2016)
Story: Barbara Randall Kesel Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue #29 (June 2016)
Story:Ted Anderson Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

My Little Pony FIENDship is Magic
IDW Publishing

Issue#1 (April 2015)
Story: Jeremy Whitley Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
IDW publishing

Issues #13-#14 (November-December 2013)
Story: Heather Nuhfer Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

Issue#24 (October 2014)
Story: Jeremy Whitley Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel 

Issue#40 (March 2016)
Story: Ted Anderson Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Brenda Hickey 

Issue #63 (February 2017)
Story: Christina Rice Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel

My Little Pony Micro Series featuring Applejack
IDW Publishing

Issue#6 (July 2013)
Story: Bobby Curnow Art: Brenda Hickey Colours: Heather Breckel 

Ary & Aymar in "Night of the Demon Doll"
Mini-comic (2013, finished)

Ary finds a new friend from the dump (er, graveyard) who has dastardly plans to ruin Aymar's night.

Ary's 24 Hours: A Quack in the Night 
Webcomic/Mini-comic (2011, Finished)

When Ary falls victim to Danger Duck's trap, t's an all-ages romp of madness and mayhem! Will Ary's friends be able to make it through the night alive? My first (and, so far, only) 24 hour comic challenge! And a challenge it was! Although I didn't complete the whole thing in the time limit I managed to put the finishing touches on it after the fact. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Download Here!

In the Air

Chapters 1-6 (2007-2012, unfinished)

Shy high schooler Sandra Tansin is about to deal with some things she's never had to before. The power to control air and the strange new boy in school following her around all the time? As if high school life wasn't confusing enough! As Sandra struggles to scratch the surface of her new found ability and a budding friendship, a mysterious group - Hepta Sophoi - arrives to hunt down those who posses the power of the elements!